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From Adventure Hobby to Awareness Missison

Two young men, Abdullah Al Jabri and Yahya Al Kindi were enjoying one of their hobbies, kayaking and suddenly they saw a non-preferable view of the beautiful beach of Oman. One day, they were fishing and kayaking on one of the coastal lines in Oman and they saw a dirty spot with a lot of trash, plastic bags and cans. "Oman is one of the cleanest countries in the world with a coastline of almost 3165km. We need to keep our sea clean as much as our land. We always go swimming, fishing and cruising with a kayak in different areas. A few weeks ago, we saw one of the beaches with a lot of trash especially plastic bags and cans." Yahya said.

After facing this non-friendly view, they decided to come the next day prepared to clean the beach and all the littered trash. It was not easy for them to reach there and remove them, all the plastic bags and cans. As Yahya said: "plastic bags were deep between the rocks."

Therefore, they decided to start an awareness for a good cause to clean the beaches and keep Oman's coastal line clean and beautiful. They started the campaign by sending a message to the public in general by saying, "We would like to give awareness, especially for the younger generation, making them understand how important to stop littering in the ocean and any other places. It's our environment and it's our responsibility."

Their last message was: "The world is a beautiful place, let's keep it that way. We think everyone should participate sometimes and avoid littering. We want to discover different places that need clean up and go for it. We believe we can make a difference."

Anyone can join for cleaning the beach and make Oman a friendly place by its beautiful nature.

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