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Being spiritual doesn’t make you better than others

Spirituality can be a very controversial field, depends on ones belief system and perceptions towards it. But what makes someone spiritual? Is it passion? Life changing experience? Connecting with different cultures and people? Charity work?
Being a “peoples person” can be a starting point towards humanity. Getting involved with charity work can be a life changing experience. As for the 28 year old Sami Muala whose the 7th among 9 siblings, is focused on bringing positive impact wherever he goes whether in Oman or out of it.
Sami has graduated as a civil engineer and had a 3-year work experience, however he left his job and followed his passion.
One of the many things he is passionate about is music where he has been playing since 2006.
“I do sing sometimes, play instruments like Guitar, Bass Guitar and little bit of Drums. Apart from that I also like football, Movies and Healthy food. I have graduated as a Civil Engineer and worked 3 years in that field but I couldn't find myself in it. I am more of a people's person, I like helping people and working with them. “
“..I used to contribute in a lot of charity and voluntary activities in and out of Oman. The feeling I get when I help people is indescribable; it does give me happiness and satisfaction.” Said the 28 year old Sami
He was chosen as a youth activist by Rajayoga Self Development Center, a none profit organization that is based in Oman, Sami met the Mu gurus Judy Johnson and Gopi Patel, “Good Seeds in Youth” organizers that aims to achieve growth and positive change in youth. They announced a retreat called Choose Change Become to be held in 2014 in Al Nahdha Resort in Al Batinah. The retreat that Sami joined was the turning point in his life,
“I was introduced to Meditation for the first time in my life and I could feel some peace in me. My whole mindset has been changed, and then I started practicing meditation by myself.”
A year later Sami was chosen among a 100 participants to attend another special Training sessions that was held by the same masters Judy and Gopi and they were only 18 members. That’s where he was enrolled to a series of spiritual and mindfulness programs and workshops, which changed his perspective of life.

“ CCB (Choose Change Become) program boosted me to start training the people to start teaching meditation. I have started that and I could see the effect and change many lives. People started calling me and inviting me to have other sessions in their work, houses, gatherings and etc. Many of the attendees started to refer to me in their decisions. I am really happy to help them.”
Sami would like to spread the positivity and spirituality throughout a wider spectrum by being part in media programs, and sessions.
“I would like to guide and give hope. I would like to add value towards peoples lives. Being spiritual doesn't make u better than others, it will only make you a better person from yourself. It will help you to understand everything around you including yourself, Religion, Allah and life. I always encourage people to have better awareness of them. Our goal is not to be perfect, it’s to be better.”
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