Frankincense of Oman

Frankincense is an aromatic incense gum that has been used since ancient times for a variety of reasons including religious, ceremonial and therapeutic practices across the world.

The trade of frankincense had flourished for centuries and several civilizations and ports bloomed as a result of being main points of trading frankincense. One of these cities is Dhofar and its historical port; Samahram. This port had been for centuries the most important for frankincense in the area. Many famous historical figures imported this aromatic gum from Samahram including Alexander the Great. Abdul Qadir Al Ghassani, an Omani researcher, mentioned in one of his books that Alexander the Great had imported huge quantities of Frankincense from Arab lands. Samahram is not only known for the trade of frankincense but also for producing a high-quality incense. On that, J.K Jackson wrote a note on 23 June 1943 saying:

“It is in these wadis that the frankincense, for which the mountains have been famous through the ages, grows wild. The dryness of the air determines the quality of the frankincense, the resin of similar trees growing on the southern slopes being spoiled by the rain.”

Today, Dhofar is still known for the quality of its frankincense that is sold locally and exported globally.

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