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A Libyan girl who lives in Bahrain visited Oman for the first time ever and guess what, she was blown away and amazed!

Nada is a Libyan girl who was based in Bahrain. She had the opportunity to work in Oman for three days for a media company that she works with. Nada heard a lot about Oman and finally, she got a chance to visit it and to see whatever is possible within those three days.
” My friends always tell me stories about this beautiful country. I was thrilled when I was asked to film short videos there a few months ago.", Nada said. On her touch down moment, she was welcomed and greeted well in the kindest matter. In the meantime, she asked her self "How can people be so nice and polite?". This question was simply her first impression of the country and the people in general.  

Souq Nizwa, Waheeba Sands, Wadi Bani Khalid, Jabal Alakhdar and Muscat Corniche were her main spots that she visited. The friendly people and the Omani culture amazed her until she decided to come back again in the winter and continue exploring other places that she didn't visit. She explained this and said: "The weather was absolutely amazing. The hospitality, the places I visited and the history of this beautiful country opened my eyes more about this beautiful country. I loved how Omani men are respectful and they always wear the traditional dress which is impressive." And she continued: "I got a better image of the Gulf."

With such an impression that the foreigners have about Oman, we as Omani look forward to welcome anyone who has the opportunity to visit our beautiful country and enjoy our rich culture and heritage. Nada ended the interview by inviting all her friends to visit Oman as soon as they can "Oman is a lovely and peaceful country. If you want to be in a place where you can relax, have fun with family or friends and explore the history of the Gulf, you should definitely visit Oman."

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