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Sihnah - Sun Dried Sardines

The Omani kitchen has a wide range of recipes, some are influenced by external cultures and some are originally local. One of the most famous recipes is sih’nah. This recipe is considered one of the most spread traditional recipes in Oman. Although it has the same name all across the country, the recipe differs in its ingredients from a family to another. Every family adds its own touches.
The main ingredient in sih’nah is small sun-dried sardines that are called locally qashee’. The second part of the ingredients is spices and vegetables.
The first step is to remove the heads of the sardines and to clean it from the dust. Some families boil the qashee while others just wash it. 

Then it gets crushed in a mortar and pestle along with green chilli, garlic and thyme. These additional ingredients are interchangeable based on the desired final taste. 

Spices are to be added, many families just add salt and black pepper to the mixture. The most favourite way of serving this meal is with white rice, locally produced ghee and lemon. 

Photo credits: Abdbullah Al Yahmadi

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