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Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life.” Joni Eareckson Tada

We often hear about the term “Seeing the world from a different perspective”, but how many of us take it literally, and imply it in real life? Probably those who are courageous enough to take the action.

Sometimes, all what it takes from us is to change the way we see our surroundings, and take a serious action, if we are willing enough to make a positive impact within ourselves.  

But how about traveling around the world, not only to see things differently but also to promote a positive cause?

A peace activist and personal trainer took this to the next level, whose passion generated the will and the determination to travel around and “touch the ground.”Fahad Alabri is the founder of Handstand Every City, Caveman. A traveler who believes that peace can be approached through wellness. " I’ve handstand in 43 cities around the world so far, by the end of 2018 I'll be done covering the 7 world wonders."  

Fahad believes that handstand is about getting in touch with the ground, in a world where artificial support dissociates people from it.

“The very important element in our mental aspect we don’t see it because its invisible is coordination.”

To him, it’s not just a physical activity, but also a symbolism of the mental and physical balance.

“ You need to conquer your fear and push your barriers foreword.”

 The multi talented hand stander has been participating in number of events, inside locally and internationally, he has been: 

- Nominated as the best the football Defender in the GAA world games 2015 

- Representing Oman in the Spartan Race world championship.2017

- 2017 TedxQurm talk of the mind and body connection and strength in a handstand. 

- 2018 Tedx talk in Delhi in India "The road not taken" approaching peace through perspective.

“ Perspective is important because once you understand how you’re standing in your comfort zone, and once you understand how you are standing out of your comfort zone, you will be able to come out with many solutions you can reach to your mental and physical peace.”Fahad Al Abri




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