The First Airport in Oman

Bait Al Falaj Airport, dating back to 1929, was nothing but a dirt track landing strip, mainly put to use for military purposes. It was additionally being utilized by the Petroleum Development Oman Company for its aircraft, flying between Muscat and oil exploration fields in Fahud, Qarn Al Alam and other locations. 

Bait Al Falaj Airport was the first airport in Oman, fitted with limited equipment and facilities to serve as a civilian airport. It had a Communication Centre, a Customs Office, asphalt parking for aircraft and a maintenance shed, with theses modest facilities, the airport was able to play a small part in the advancement of civil aviation in Oman. 

In the sixties, Gulf Air started using the airport for its DC3 aircraft, with the advent of the seventies Pakistan and British Airlines commenced operation in Oman with semi-regular passenger flights. Although Bait Al Falaj Airport was used mainly for military purposes in addition to a few civilian flights, takeoffs and landings were fraught with dangers due to the narrow landing strip and high mountains and hills around the airport area.

Bait Al Falaj Airport is now just a memory, the site of the airfield is now the centre of modern commercial and residential buildings.

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