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Music and theater connects people

“Sometimes words are not needed, and the simplicity of expressing yourself through an art form is one of the best ways of communication.” Emmanuel Jal

Communication can come in various ways; it can be either face-to-face, digital communication, or even through literature, music and arts.

The more people communicate, the smaller the gap between cultures and nations becomes, leading to better understanding and acceptance of diversity. But how would music and art create a link between people from different places in the world?

 For Christina Scheppelmann who was the first General Director of the Royal Opera House Muscat, her starting point with Oman came through music and theatre.

“She was the first Director General of the Royal Opera House Muscat (Oman),

The first opera house of its kind in the Gulf Region, her mission was to present high quality music, opera and dance from around the world. Under her guidance ROHM established an excellent reputation as a cultural destination in Oman and opened doors for international musical and cultural relations on many levels.” https://

Scheppelmann has a rich history with music; she is currently the Artistic Director of Barcelona’s Liceu opera house and will soon become General Director of Seattle Opera.

“Before starting work at ROHM, I knew almost nothing about the country and its people. While I lived there I took every chance I could to visit as much of Oman as possible. The people are wonderful and kind, the country is fabulous, beautiful and definitely worth exploring; I have fond memories of my time in Oman and I encourage everyone I know to visit.”

It is thanks to music that she first stepped foot in Muscat back in 2012.

“I had heard about the Royal Opera House Muscat and, intrigued by the wide variety of music on offer, I looked it up, read about Oman and eventually came on a few business trips.” That’s how Scheppelmann became familiar with this country.

The things that impressed her about Oman were the geographical diversity as well as the people, “the beauty of the country, the various mountains and the canyon of Jebel Shams”. She adds “Come experience the beauty and kindness of Oman!!!”

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