Majan Taekwondo Wins 7 Medals in Jordan

By a dominant performance, Majan Taekwondo Academy raised the Omani flag in the sky of the Kingdom of Jordan by winning 7 coloured medals.

With a total of 7 medals for the Majan Taekwondo Academy at the Hassan International Championship in the Kingdom of Jordan, Majan Taekwondo Academy won 4 gold medals, 2 silver, and one bronze medal after a spectacular performance in the competition. More than 37 countries from various continents and world champions in the world of Taekwondo participated with more than 1200 players.

Ahmad Samir Al-Shqsy won the first gold in the category of youth in the weight of 37 kg and the second gold by Mohammed Khalid Zadjali in the weight of 33 kg and the third gold was for Muhannad bin Tawfiq Al Balushi in the weight of 32, and Muhannad Rashid Al-Hajri in the fourth gold in the weight of 28. Moreover, the player Mohammed Rashid Al-Hajri got silver in the weight of 45 kg and the player AlMutasim AlMuskry got silver in the weight of 32 and bronze went to Majid Al-Easari in the weight of 20 kgs.


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