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Risto and Fitness Industry in Oman

The fitness industry has been revolutionized in Oman recently. It entered new levels and opened new perspectives. One of the GYMs to lead this revolution is UFC GYM Oman, managed by coach Risto Dimitrov. Omanspire had an exclusive interview with coach Risto; the coach of UFC Oman. One of those who influenced the fitness and martial arts industry in Oman.

"I’m Risto Dimitrov, MMA Coach and Events Coordinator in UFC GYM Oman, I am long time Martial Artist and Professional Athlete in many different sports. I came to Oman in 2017 for setting up the very first UFC GYM in Oman and since then we revolutionize the Martial Arts and Fitness industry in Oman, we offered something very different than anything known here in Oman. Started fitness through Martial Arts, Strength and Conditioning for Martial Arts and Fitness but with a very different approach than known by now in Oman, that is combined with state of the art equipment and best training facility in Oman. We have international experienced coaches and all are UFC certified, that’s what made us unique in Oman. Coaches who are still active athletes with 10, 15 years of coaching and competing experience made us unique in the fitness field in Oman.

Me as a professional athlete, I believe to lead by example and show the people that I can do so and my students can do it too, so I competed in Almost every sports event here in Oman and went also outside for big competitions. Since I’m in Oman, I competed in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, many different obstacle Races like Spartan Races, National Obstacle Race, Tough Mudder, Muscat Marathon and many more.

Bringing lots of medals for me, my country, my gym and Oman of course, going and competing to places that they never heard about Oman representing Oman and Macedonia, promoting UFC GYM Oman and Oman itself.

I always encourage my students to train and compete in different sports and disciplines and also I go with them and compete with them so I motivate them even more.

I set up the First Judo Program in UFC GYM Oman and promote the first Judo belts in the gym, went with my students and colleagues on International Competition in Kuwait and from 3 competitors we brought 6 medals in 2 different sports, I brought 2 medals, my colleague and UFC GYM Oman BJJ Coach Toufik Serebro 2 medals in Grappling and Jiu-Jitsu and what makes me happy and proud my Omani Student Ammar Usama Al Barwani who is also my first Omani Judo Yellow belt after 8 months of training he took the First Omani International Judo Medal and become the first medalist for Oman in Judo, he took silver after losing the finals from 20kg heavier opponent which makes me very proud. We competed under the Omani flag and presented UFC GYM and Oman in the best light.

For those successes, all Omani media wrote about it and we got an invitation for a reception to the Ministry of Sport and we got to meet with H.E Minister of Sport.

After that, I competed with my students in different obstacle races and we brought lots of medals for Oman, also continued my professional MMA Carrier and competed again in MMA in Croatia and win in First Round via Armbar which makes me first and only pro MMA fighter in Oman.

Recently was preparing my Omani Student Saud Al Naamani for his first Boxing fight and we went to UAE to represents UFC GYM Oman and Oman itself on big International Boxing competition in Dubai and he was competing with competitors from all around the world winning the Gold in 85 kg Category which makes me proud as a coach. All the hard work paid off and we brought another gold for Oman.

Currently, I’m working with Saud on his next upcoming fights and remember that name he is next Omani Boxing star.

I’m working currently with couple Omani students and preparing them for upcoming competitions in Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and want to bring the first Omani team on Judo competition in Europe but seeking for sponsors from different companies, not just UFC GYM Oman and will support the sport to bring more medals and successes for Oman.

In the meantime, I’m training and preparing for my upcoming fight in Croatia that is going to be a Tittle Fight for Barber Fight Night and hope will bring the professional belt here in Oman.

Greetings to all readers of Omanspire and see you in the Gym."


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