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Martina Bortolotti - Voice of Opera

Martina Bortolotti is well known and loved by her audience for her expressive voice and intense performances.

Martina was born in South Tyrol northern Italy, a daughter of a painter, teacher and psychologist. She grew up between Italy and Germany, and most of her time was spent in the middle of nature; mountains, the sea, and lakes. “With my parents, I visited Egypt many times especially the red sea and it was a pleasure when I could sing there in Sharm el Sheikh and then at the Cairo Opera House. I never imagined I would also sing in Oman, in the most beautiful new Royal Opera House in the World.”

 Martin’s journey started when she studied 4 different languages when some of her friends convinced to go into music. “They were musicians and so I trusted them and started to study singing in Milan at La Scala Theatre with a scholarship, then at the conservatory and got scholarship at Hochschule in Munich Germany where I studied chamber music with the great Helmut Deutsch.” In Martina’s hometown Bolzano, Maestro Brunetti, who then went on teaching Martina how to sing Opera with an authentic Italian technique. “The better I sang the effortless it got, I fell in love with Opera and slowly from the choir I started to work as a soloist and got a lot of good reviews from all around the world. In Rome, they heard me and invited me to Washington and New York. I sang my first Mimi in South Korea.”

For Martina music is her passion, with Opera and Art in general and she was honored to sing in Theaters such as La Scala in Milan and Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice and of course your wonderful Royal Opera House of Muscat.

Martina started as a teenager, singing at school choirs when she got older she was encouraged to take professional Masterclasses with Raina Kabaivanska, Teresa Berganza, Brigitte Fassbaender and many others. “It was great, I could learn a lot but was also more and more fascinated by the personality of great singers and musicians.”

“I was totally fascinated when I first landed in Oman because I already had many of my colleagues who were invited to sing or perform, and when they came back they all were delighted. I had some friends who visited Oman as tourists and also they absolutely liked it very much. At home, I heard a lot from Oman, and my desire to visit this beautiful country grew every day. My experience in Oman was very special, there were not only amazing singers and musicians from all around the world which I already worked with but also amazing skaters and champions, the famous choreographer Sarah Kawahara and the fantastic chemistry between all of us. Maestro Dario Salvi from the Uk was the conductor in Oman who invited me after our shows for other concerts and CD recordings for NAXOS. I was also very impressed by the audience, a very concentrated, careful and generous audience. It was one of the most beautiful and touching shows I had ever participated in.

My upcoming performance is together with Virtuosi Italiani and WindKraft Ensemble, we will perform Folk Songs from Southtyrolian Composer Hubert Stuppner and many others in many different languages. And I will record in the title role of Pauline the world-premiere of Waldmeister Operetta written by Johann Strauss with Sophia Philharmonic under the batton of Dario Salvi.”

Martina’s impression of Oman is an enthusiastic and special love for art, for quality, for beauty. She goes on to mention that art has been invested in, with a great, elegant, refined taste that can be noticed in the culture and tradition. “I was impressed by the beauty of the buildings and architecture, of people, by their perfumes and their dresses, the old culture. I really felt blessed and honored and super happy and grateful to be invited to Oman.”

“Oman is a very inspiring country. I find the desert and the sea a very inspiring surrounding. There are peace and calm, you can focus better on yourself and concentrate on art even better to create something really special. I haven’t seen so many stars like during the nights in the middle of the desert. I love it!”

“My advice to the Omani youth is to be proud of their culture and if they have the chance to travel to visit all important capitals of art. To also take Masterclasses with experienced artists. To be brave and try again despite failing. To follow their own instinct as well as to find their own personal authentic and original way.”

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