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Born in Muscat in the early 90’s, Marwan has always been extremely ambitious with goals that had no limits. His journey began the moment he achieved his degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering as he came across Al Araimi Boulevard, a project that not only exceeded his expectations, but actually is considered as the most life changing experience in his life.

At the early stages of planning, Marwan found himself completely involved in every aspect of Al Araimi Boulevard as he spent endless hours contributing in every way possible to assist in the completion of one of the best constructed shopping malls.

He was assigned as the Head of Facility Management in Al Araimi Boulevard during the construction phases and soon after the opening of the Mall he was promoted to become the youngest Mall Director nationwide.

“This experience has changed my life completely. Being involved in a project of this scale can reshape your whole identity. I realized that 24 hours are sometimes not enough for One day and in every moment there is an extremely tough decision to make however I am filled with gratitude towards my superiors, my colleagues, and my team for working hand in hand and defying all odds to accomplish all the tasks we had to ensure the completion was done ahead of time”.

Being there from the very start, Marwan is emotionally tied to Al Araimi Boulevard “It is definitely overwhelming to not only see an empty land slowly evolve into the breathtaking structure it is today but also be involved from placing the first brick of the foundation to the ribbon cutting ceremony. Our biggest challenge as a team was the deadline and each member combined days with nights to make it happen. And we did.”.

 Marwan has learnt critical lessons throughout this experience starting with the necessity of adaptability and flexibility “You finally go to sleep thinking you have achieved all the goals for the week and you wake up to find everything is done incorrectly. Panicking does not work in these situations and I have learned it the hard way. You always need to be prepared with plans B, C, and D and insure that everything else surrounding it is capable to adjust to the variation each plan has”.

 Marwan finishes his statements with an advice to our youth “Always believe in yourself, rest assured that you will always face challenging situations in every aspect of your career. Always be prepared to face them with a positive attitude regardless of the consequences and always make the best of every experience. Learn all you can about your surroundings even when it isn’t a part of your expertise, and finally never stop trying to improve yourself in every way.”

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