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Wakan - The Village That Loves You

Wakan village is a stunning mountainous village and one of the natural beauty destinations for tourists and locals in Oman. It locates 2000 meters above sea level in Al Batinah Region, Wilayat Nakhal, Wadi Mastal. It has Information and Visitors Centers that give the visitors information about the place and its characteristics. Wakan is known for its cool weather during summer times and cold during winter. But what it is famous for is Apricot blossoms during February that looks like the Sakura blossoms in Japan.

The Road to Wakan

Wakan is around 150 KMs from Muscat and it takes around an hour and a half to reach it by car. It can be reached through the expressway from Muscat to Barka-Awabi turn, then taking left until reaching Wadi Mastal turn. From here take left and drive all the way until Wakan. Although most of the road is paved, it is highly recommended to take 4x4. According to Vijay Gonslaves who visited Wakan recently, ‘The last leg of the drive is challenging and you need to have nerves of steel.’

The Steps

The journey to the top is made safe and easy through the 700 steps. The pathway is around 1,100 meters and it contains several stops that can be used as break points or photo spots as the path to the top overlooks several spectacular views.

To maintain the natural features of the Wakan village, the whole pathway was made of natural stones. For extra safety, a side fence can be seen through the whole pathway. 

What is next?

After the pathway ends on the top of the village, an extra challenge begins for those who love hiking. There is a hiking trail that connects Wakan with Jabal Al Akhdar in Nizwa. The trail is marked with flags for guidance.

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Hassan Al Maqbali Link

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