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First Omani to Graduate in Medicine and Surgery from Prestigious Indian University

Maram bint Khalfan bin Omair Al Falahia, an Omani doctor who obtained a medical and general surgery degree from the Kasturba Medical College (KMC) of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), noting that she is the first and only student with a scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in Scientific Research and Innovation in the Sultanate. DR. Maram bint Khalfan bin Omair Al-Falahiah completed the year of concession under harsh conditions requiring direct interaction with those infected with the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” and she is one of the first line soldiers in the friendly Republic of India during this pandemic, this indicates competence and high professionalism showing that she enjoys the sense of societal medical responsibility, which necessitated her to watch over the safety of patients without regard to country or race, and was keen to provide distinguished medical care to them, follow up on their health conditions and conduct the necessary examinations so that God bless them with a cure.

Source: شؤون عمانية

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