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The Power of Youth and Knowledge

“If you educate a person, you are likely to change the future of the nation”

A professional educator who is willing to speared knowledge throughout several platforms for the sake of educating the youth of the country. She believes in the youth and empowerment of the youth if they were supported with the right training.

Balqees Al Hasani, a graduate from Sultan Qaboos University and works as Head of well-being in one of the international schools in Oman thinks that spreading knowledge to others is one of the essentials and major keys in building a nation into an intelligent society. “The main reason to be a teacher is to be able to shape the future of the country and the leaders of the country.” She said.

As her main vision in spreading the knowledge, Balqees said: “If the youth were well equipped, the country will be in a safe hand on the future”. She strongly believes that nothing is going to benefit a human being in their grave but a good reputation and the knowledge they spread. Therefore, she decided to transform all her knowledge and the ability to connect with the youth by joining Knowledge Oman in 2015. As it’s well known, Knowledge Oman is a non-profit organization that aims to build the nation by educating the youth and all sorts of people.

She started her career after graduating from Sultan Qaboos University in one of the international schools in Oman as a science teacher then assistant Principle and after that, a leadership team member and then ended up being the Head of well-being in the school. In 2011, she received an award of the best teacher which gave her the boost to even do better in the field as she is passionate about education.

In every step you take in life, there must be challenges and barriers, some who will accept and some would bring you down. Her main challenges were from the education sectors and surroundings that thought it would be difficult for her to follow this path, especially that people might not get used to an Omani female teacher who is teaching in English. She faced them all and followed the vision and goal that she started it from the beginning.

Balqees got inspired by the founder and ex-president of Knowledge Oman, Mr. Tariq Al Barwani as they sat together and discussed the mission and vision and she found out that everything is a mutual and same target which is to drive the vision of his late majesty Sultan Qaboos by spreading the knowledge to turn Oman into a knowledge base society.

By the time, she worked under Khalfan Al Mahrazi as he was the former Knowledge President and got inspired by him and learned new things from him. They started conducting seminars and webinars by inviting experts from different fields to enrich the gap in society to conduct sessions in Knowledge Oman.

Earlier 2020, Balqees became the president of Knowledge Oman and that gave her the boost to improve and prove to the society that they all believe in Women Empowerment to a better-educated society. Moreover, the next plan for her and Knowledge Oman is to launch a new project that’s called KO Talks. This project will be highly anticipated about the public talk from different types of notable speakers. 

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