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Who is the Sultan of Oman ?

Haitham bin Tariq Al SaidThe first President of the Omani Football Association 1986-1983

He supervised the development  of the economic vision “ Oman 2040”. He was appointed Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1994, He was appointed in 2002 as Minister of Heritage and Culture, until he succeeded the late Sultan. Chairing the Organizing Committee of the Second Asian Beach Games (Muscat 2010)

On 11 January, 2020, he was sworn in as a new Sultan of Oman. He became the ninth Sultan of Oman since its founding in 1741

The late Sultan recommended his inauguration after his death

He pledged to follow the path of the late Sultan, "constructive neutrality."

personal information:

He was born on 11 October, 1955

He has 4 children, including two girls

He has 8 brothers

- Cousin of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and a prominent member of the ruling family

- Graduated from Oxford University in 1979

- He completed his postgraduate studies at Pembroke University, USA





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