Mohammad Al Mashaiki wins Gold medal

Mohammed Al-Mashaikhi, National team champion for people with disabilities, won yesterday the gold medal in the shot put in the team’s first participation in the Fazza International Championship hosted by the Emirate of Dubai until February 14th.

 Al-Masikhi was able to break his previous record and record a new number in the shot put competition, by achieving 10.72, thus confirming his readiness to participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

 Moreover, the participation of the national team continues tomorrow, Thursday, as the F34-ranked player, Iman Al-Shamsiah, is participating in the javelin competition, and Taha Al-Harrasi will participate in the long jump competition and in the 100-meter sprint.

 On Friday, Muhammad Al-Mashaikhi will compete in the scepter competitions, and on Saturday, Taha Al-Harrasi will participate in the 400-meter competition, and Iman Al-Shamsiah will participate in the shot put competition.

The Sultanate will partake in the tournament with a delegation consisting of Dr. Mansour bin Sultan Al-Toqi, head of the Omani Paralympic Committee, director of the mission, Sunni Mustafa Hussain, physiotherapist Hani Salem Al-Shammakhi, as well as the national team players, namely Muhammad Jamil Al-Mashaykhi and Taha Abdullah Al-Harrasi and player Iman Tayseer Al-Shamsia.


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