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Sultanate’s famous meal, Arsiah

The Sultanate is famous for its unique folk cuisine with the authentic Omani flavor, which is widely popular especially on holidays and events.

One of the popular dishes that are famous for most of the governorates of the Sultanate during Eid days, and it differs in the way it is prepared from one governorate to another, but although it differs in the method of preparation, it is similar in the Omani taste inherent in the Omani person wherever it is found; it’s called Arsiah.

The "Al-Arsiah" meal is one of the aspects of the holiday, whether Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha. It has a special taste that distinguishes it from other popular foods.

* Preparation equipment:

-Hallah (some call it a Sufriya or a cooking pot, preferably conical)

- A stick to hit and mix

* The ingredients:

Meat, rice, salt, spices, preferably the ratio of rice to meat 2: 1 meaning 2 kilos of meat corresponding to 4 kilograms of rice.

*The preparation:

1- Put the meat on the fire and add spices and salt to it.

2- Leave the meat until it is completely cooked.

3- While waiting for the meat to be cooked, wash the rice and then put it in a wide pan so that there is more water than it (so that the rice seeps into the water)

4- After the meat is done, add the rice and add a quantity of water to it, so that the water level is two inches higher than the rice level.

5- Leave on a quiet fire until it’s completely ready.

6- We move the “pan” away from the fire a little and dig a hole for it so that we drop 80% of the rice into the ground, then cover it with a tight cover.

7- At the end of the preparation stage, the turn of the stick comes in which the rice is mixed until it mixes with the meat and mixes with it completely.

8- The "Arsiah" is served on the serving plate.

Also, some offer the Arsiah with its specialized sauce, or locally called "Tersha" and the ingredients as follows:

Tomatoes, garlic, raisins and soak it in water for about 5 minutes, cooked chickpeas, tomato sauce, and spices.

Photo credits and Resource: Atheer

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