Founder of Modern Oman

Renaissance is one of the words associated with Oman’s growing history in the world. It refers to the contemporary period under the founder of modern Oman, his majesty Sultan Qaboos, the leader responsible for directing the country into modernity. Before he earned the throne in 23 July 1970, Oman had only two primary schools and two hospitals. Ever since Oman was able to catch up with its opulent neighbors and it possesses efficient, locally run hospitals, universities, electricity to remote villages and an improving infrastructure of roads. Not to emphasize but it is a peaceful and stable country with a very low crime rate.  

 As soon as the founder of Modern Oman was enthroned, the young sultan began to modernize the country’s economy, setting in motion the social, educational and cultural renaissance that exists to this day. The sultan’s goal has been to build and modernize the nation, it’s people and it’s society to work for security, prosperity, progress and the restoration of its international standing. He devoted a greater part of his life to achieving modernization and future development.  

With no doubt, the founder of modern Oman has a big influential role in its honest policies. Thanks to the country’s trouble-free relations with other states and nations the Sultanate is well placed to offer assistance in matters of diplomatic issues. As His Majesty has stated, “We live in a world of overlapping and interconnected interests and policies, and our co-operation with this world is based on the Sultanate’s higher interests and designed to help promote security and prosperity across the globe. These policies have earned our country the respect and admiration of the international community. It is vitally important that there should be co-operation and the pursuit of mutual interests between states within a framework of peace and harmony.”

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