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In the past few decades, Oman has experienced phenomenal social and economic growth. This was mostly due to the wealth derived from the country's natural resources, mostly oil and gas. The country has long sought to strike a balance between the exploitation of its natural resources and a development policy that demonstrates an early commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability (Shueili). As a nation, Oman has become increasingly aware of the consequences our activities have on the environment.

Today, an increasing number of people are making an effort to recycle their trash. While we are all aware of the advantages of recycling common household materials like glass, plastics, metals, and paper, many people are unaware of the value of wood waste recycling.

Mohammed Issa Al-Badwawi, is a founder and CEO of Wasted wood, a project one of it’s kind that encourages sustainability through the recycling of used pallets. Mohammed Al-Badwawi started this project as a hobby “with the time I started to love what I am working on, and also the people around me started to encourage me.” The project then developed to a concept for a start up business, “as I started, and then I saw myself on the ship, and I started my journey to sail the project.”

Wasted wood’s biggest project is ongoing with Mazoon Diary Company, providing Wasted wood with used wood for recycling. In a short period of a month, wasted wood’s biggest accomplished was the production of 50 chairs solely made from recycled wood. “We recycle used wood to any concept or item that comes into our mind and this is used as if it were made of new wood and so is my goal to cultivate and raise awareness in society.”



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