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14 Year Old Formula Driver

At the age of 9, a young Omani driver decided to take a part into the world of motorsports, as a challenge for him to experience something new, and be the first Omani to reach the Formula 4.  Shihab Alhabsi is a young motivated driver who aim to reach the podium and raise the Omani flag in international participations. Shihab’s first experience started by karting, where he took the opportunity to learn all the basics about motorsports. 

His journey started in 2012, in Al Ain, UAE where he had his first international race, as a result, The young motorist earned the first place out of 25 drivers.

"It was a tough race, as I was competing with some well-known drivers, this whole experience helped me gained more confidence."

Within only five years, Shihab managed to reach 49 podiums in karting, locally and internationally. This year, he earned the license to be driving the Formula 4, which makes him the first Omani to achieve it. 

Formula 4 has 7 events a year, each consist of 3 races. So far, Shihab was involved in 12 races with formula 4. His most remarkable achievement was winning the 9th place during his first race, out of 25 drivers in France. 

In every sport, there are a numerous obstacles and barriers. The first two barriers are lack of support/sponsorship, as well as the absence of racetrack nearby to practice. He added, "I only drive on the qualification before the race. I have no enough sponsors to provide me with a proper schedule of training".

Like any other achievement, it always requires high determination, consistency and passion to achieve one’s ultimate goal. "Reaching the podium is never easy, without hard work, support and dedication," said Shihab .

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