Rock Garden

The rock garden is one of the top twenty-five geologically significant sites in the Sultanate of Oman it is located in the Wilayat Al Duqm – Al Wusta Region, approximately 550 kilometers from Muscat. The Rock Garden is a beautiful piece of nature's creation; it is full of unidentified rocks of various sizes, positions, and standing, Some of the larger rocks are balanced on smaller ones, while others are perched at unusual angles, and others that might even look like statues, thrones, animals, human body parts and whatever shapes and forms your imagination could evoke. 

Wind, water, ice, and other natural forces have sculpted limestone rocks into all kinds of recognizable shapes here, if you look closely you'll see rocky outcrops resembling birds, animals, and even familiar cartoon characters!

Despite the fact that its geological wonders have existed for 46 million years, the Rock Garden has only recently become famous. Earth Secrets Company, an Omani geological consultancy, in partnership with the World Habitat Society (INTEWO), discovered it in 2009. Since then, it has risen in popularity among tourists and geologists and earning a spot among the Sultanate's top 25 geological sites.


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