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Oman, A Second Home

I remember my first day in Oman as I landed on Muscat International Airport on August 16, 2016. It was hot and humid as I came out of the airplane cabin. I was very excited as I have come to Oman to start my PhD degree with a scholarship from Sultan Qaboos University (S.Q.U.).

Back in 2012, my grandfather’s brother (Late) visited Pakistan to pay us a visit. At that time, I was about to finish my bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering. He shared his wish to see me continuing my higher education in SQU. From that day, SQU was carved on my mind as he was my role model.

Finally, in September 2015, I finished my Master's Degree in Water Resources Management from the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. In 2016, I started applying for Scholarships for the PhD degree at Sultan Qaboos University. I had always wanted to fulfil this wish and that had become a milestone for me to achieve. I remember, there were only few hours left to the deadline when I successfully applied for the PhD scholarship in Soil and Water Resource Management under the extraordinary supervisory of Dr Yaseen Ahmed Al-Mulla, (Associate Professor and Director, Remote Sensing and GIS Research Center, S.Q.U.)

I was very keen to explore the traditions and customs of Oman as an Islamic state, similar to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The National Museum was my first visit and I was excited to see a short film about Oman’s history. From the Dates with Omani Kahwa; my journey to explore and experience Oman started. From clean beaches to Camping on Jabal Akhdar Top; From empty quarter to beauty of Dhofar in Khareef, Oman has a rich culture and a unique topography.

S.Q.U. played a great role in exhibiting Oman’s true culture. My experience about Oman consists of camping at Jabal Akhdar; A full day tour to Bandar Al-Khayran with dolphin watching organized by DPS, SQU; 2-days and 1-night tour to Oman’s Empty Quarter organized by DPS, SQU; 2 road trips to Salalah in Khareef.

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”

— Elliott Erwitt

Photography has become my passion as I’ve started exploring Oman, Thanks to Nikon School, Oman provided the Platform. Oman has been blessed with beautiful landscape from the long strip of Coastline to Sky-kissing range of Mountains, an icing on the cake is Oman’s Empty Quarter.

The Wishlist to explore and experience Oman is always on an update as the time passes.

Engr. Ahsan Ali
Student of Ph.D. in Soil and Water Management,
Collage of Agriculture and Marine Sciences
Sultan Qaboos University

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