The Magnificent Sidr

There are many natural herbs and seeds that have many therapeutic benefits, but we may not have heard of them and have never tried them. Although this tree was mentioned in the Holy Quran, and it has a historical story in the Bible, there are many people who do not know what this tree is? Not even what are its benefits? It is a tree that may reach 4 or 5 meters length. It grows in many countries such as Oman including other countries in the Arabian peninsula. Besides other countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Libya, India, Sudan and Yemen. It is characterized by the taste of sweet fruit, and inside it is a small seed in the middle, reddish brown or yellow in color. It has many advantages and it is even used as a treatment of many health problems.

The leaves are always green and flowering, and it has strong and durable roots. It can withstand difficult conditions, such as bad weather, floods and droughts. The Sidr tree is characterized by those therapeutic benefits that contribute to solving many health problems. Those who are sick with sinus allergy especially the children that suffer from sputum accumulation are using it too. It has strong and distinctive wood, and it is used in manufacturing many pieces of furniture. Moreover, the fruits are boiled and used to cleanse the stomach and digestive system, and get rid of gases. Also the fruits are used to make bread or desserts. The fruits are lively and rich with a delicious taste. It even contributes to treating some mental illnesses, such as depression. Besides reducing abdominal pain resulting from the menstrual cycle in women. In addition that it is used as a treatment of redness and swelling of the eye, and the hemorrhoids.

 Sidr tree is used in the manufacture of Sidr honey, which has many health benefits. There are about 40 trillion types of different bacteria in the human body, and most of these types are concentrated within the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and the different types of food have effects on these intestinal bacteria, and thus this effect will be reflected on the health of the digestive system as a whole. Accordingly, Sidr tree characterized to improve the digestive process and can be used in these cases.

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