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Doors have been an essential feature of human structures since the dawn of time. Through ages and civilizations, doors took many shapes and forms until they became what is known now. The importance of doors has led the word to have its way to the spoken language to have several meanings in the context. We can find so many idioms related to doors in any language.

Oman has been inhabited by humans for a very long time as the evidence suggests that Oman is the location of one of the world’s earliest inhabited cities at Al Wattih, which dates back 10,000 years.

This rich history has its effects on all aspects of life in the country including our concerned object today; doors.

Soňa and her husband came from Kuwait to Oman 3 years ago. One of the first things to amaze them in the country was doors. The experience of seeing something beautiful always remains in the mind and on that she says: “We were driving through the super arid (and brown) area around Jaylah beehive tombs and this blue pop of color appeared out of nowhere - hiding on an old unused building. And I have been fascinated ever since.”

The mix of different origin cultures in Oman made it possible to see different doors engravings influenced by different eras. There can be many reasons to love the doors you see in Oman; incredible craftsmanship, attention to detail, creativity, and playfulness of the elements and colors but there’s something that leaves a stronger impression on Soňa. The experience.

“All these beautiful and colorful Omani doors have always been a reflection of the welcoming Omani nature. I spend a lot of time walking around local cities and villages. On foot, with my camera in hand and mostly alone. I feel it is the best way to get to know and feel the place.”

According to our unique doors hunter, doors in Oman express a deeper and more genuine connection between the nation's vibe and an architectural element which she didn’t see in any other place.

Soňa is from the Czech Republic and she has been capturing amazing doors and share the moments on Instagram. When we asked her about her message behind the amazing initiative she said:

“I honestly did not think people would be interested. I expected the account to have a max of 100 followers who like the same weird stuff as I do. But it has been growing continuously. And the best things about it are the reactions I am getting. I have people thanking me for creating a collection of artifacts and crafts that are slowly disappearing from the local streets. I have people sending me their own pictures and stories. And I have people being all happy that I posted a photo of their or their neighbor’s house. There is no negativity.

If I should highlight the main message, it would be to not let this craft get forgotten and get people to look around them and notice the small everyday wonders more.

Unfortunately, many people are stealing the doors from the abandoned villages and using them as interior decoration. And the stories and memories of these places are taken with them. “

For more .. You can visit her social media account Doors of Oman

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