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Paragliding With Khalaf Al Thuhli

Omanspire, in an interview with the creative young man Khalaf Bin Saeed bin Khalaf al-Thuhli, a 33-year-old, in paragliding, his beginnings with his colleagues who encouraged him with this experience and thus decided to learn and take the license, and he did. He developed this hobby where his experience was inspiring, and the view in Oman was very stunning what made him continue. He decided to buy bilateral aviation and learning tools to be able to share his colleagues this experience. Later he decided to start his project to be able to enjoy this hobby. As for the safety rate, two factors are controlling at this point. The first factor is the safety and maintenance of equipment and the acquisition of the correct tools, and then the second factor is the pilot's commitment to the safety rules.

 This hobby is designed for entertainment and has a high safety proportion with a backup umbrella if something happens with the central umbrella. During his experience in the past years, it did never happen, which explains the high safety proportion. As for Omanis and tourists, Althuhli confirmed a huge tendency from Omanis and tourists to try paragliding, although the possibilities are still limited to the number of requests. Khalaf has a lot of local participation in the Sultanate and stresses that this hobby deserves the experience in Oman, which is characterized by its unique view.

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