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Winter activities and camping in Oman

Some people are looking for more different styles to feel the beauty of the country. Waking up to the amazing sunrise, watching the stars in the evening, and setting up a camping area, has become a trendy way to witness the beauty of Oman on your holiday. People can camp anywhere on public land. There are only a few restricted areas such as military lands, private property, and government lands, such as the turtle sanctuary in Ras Al Jinz. Most wild animals avoid camping sites. However, Oman has many open areas to explore. Here are some of the best places to picnic in Oman and enjoy the great outdoors.

For example, Masirah Island, with a length of 92 km, is the largest island in Oman. Located on the southern coast, it has soft golden sand and cooler temperatures than the mainland due to the calm winds coming in from the Arabian Sea, making it a great camping spot. Another popular wild camping site is Daymaniyat Islands. It can be found in the southern Al Batinah Governorate on the western coast of the Sultanate of Oman. As it is an essential reserve for turtles, camping here is prohibited from May to October. However, the islands of Big Mountain and John (2 of the nine Daymaniyat islands) are accessible year-round. If you are looking to camp on the mainland, many public beaches such as Khasab and Basa in Musandam Governorate, Fins in Muscat Governorate, and Ras Madrakah.

Jabal Shams is the highest mountain in Oman and has many distinct trails to pitch a tent at night. It is known as the "Sun Mountain" for its picturesque sunrise with a changing landscape of rocks and sand. Another mountainous place is Green Mountain, where there is a scenic nature reserve. Foliage and greenery grow around, even though it has a fragile ecosystem, so it's important not to litter or harm wildlife. Watch out for the herds of goats and donkeys that arrive in the early morning. The path on Kalhat Road to Wadi Shab also has many flat surfaces, which are great for an overnight stay. If you want to add a little adventure to your trip, Salma Plateau is recommended. Here is the Majlis Al Jinn Cave (the famous BASE-jumping site in Oman). It has only two openings on the roof that lead to a beautiful cave. The surface is relatively flat and smooth, but we recommend camping a little off the main road to the cave if you want some privacy.

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