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Bushra Al Shabib is teaching assistant in Scientific College of Design, she received a Bachelor in Graphic Design from College of applied sciences in Ibri. Another Bachelor in Fine Arts from Scientific college of Design, (2019). Currently she is doing Master of Arts in Sultan Qaboos University. Al Shabibi have had participated in three group exhibition in Oman, International Art Exhibition (2019) in Oman Convention & Exhibition Center, Omani Women Exhibition (2020), & Plastic Dimensions Exhibition (2021). The Group Exhibition (Methods of Creative Imagination Group) is an outcome of a series of workshops lasted for two years, presented & supervised by Artist Prof. Nesser Palangi. Palangi prepared the group to be the new Omani artist generation with modern & identical vision.

Bushar is exhibiting her artworks at Cure8 Gallery with her series of Al Saida Salma, “My artworks are the result of Creative imagination and illusion to create layers’ and colors’ depth, and achieving the visual principles which leads to the esthetical unity.”

 Bushra starts with abstract base, which gave the power to discover our unconscious feelings and listen to our soul sound by our hand movements and colors mixture. The concept will come itself based on your life experiences and education background, memories and cultural identity.

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