Sur - From Oman to Lebanon

On the eastern coast of the Sultanate, a city is considered a significant channel for trade and travel called "Sur", which is the east gateway to Oman and a historic crossroads of sea routes. Moreover, it is said that it was the original home of the Phoenicians who migrated to Lebanon and settled on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, where they founded a city they called by the same name (Sur) in southern Lebanon!

Like the Lebanese city, Oman's Sur is famous for manufacturing naval ships, fishing, and maritime transport. It has a long maritime history that is important in the commercial movement. The Lebanese Sur, the capital of the southern coast, and Jabal Amel, is considered a peninsula located in the south part of the Lebanese coast on the eastern bank of the Mediterranean Sea, 85 km south of Beirut. Its geographical location and its presence on an equal area between the cities of Sidon in Lebanon and Acre in Palestine have made it historical, commercial, and touristic importance throughout the ages.

Some historians assert that the Phoenicians came from the Arabian Gulf region, where they mastered the arts of navigation in the Mediterranean, so they extended their commercial influence and spread their great civilization along the Mediterranean coast and the African coast. However, this remains just a theory regarding the origin of the Phoenicians, especially if one considers the geographical and locational similarities between the two cities: the Omani Sur and the Lebanese Sur. However, whether Sur of Oman is Phoenician or not, it is undoubtedly an ancient city and an important historical port, which establishes a twinning between the two similar sea cities and enhances fraternity and fruitful cooperation between them.

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