Sheikh Samoon Mountain

Sheikh Sam’oon Mountain is in Yeti, Muscat. This place is well known to the sailors as it was considered an important landmark. Its name came from one of the myths in that area. Although this myth came in multiple narrations, we’ll go with one of the most famous ones.

It says that Sam’oon was an old man who always walks with a wooden cane, a sheep, and a rosary. One day he came to the villagers warning them: “Oh villagers! I hear the ghosts screaming. I hear laments brought by the wind. I see wrecked ships and dead bodies scattered on the coast. Oh villagers, leave this place the storm is coming tonight bringing death!”

The villagers told him he was nothing but senile. He tried warning them over and over. No one wanted to listen. He left the village and went to the mountain.

At the night, the storm came and left behind wrecked ships and scattered bodies all over the cost. The villagers wanted to apologize to the wise man and to get his blessings. When they went to the mountain to look for him in his grotto, they found the sheep, the cane, and the rosary but they never found or saw Sam’oon again not in Yeti, nor any other village. The villagers named the mountain after him and made it a sacred grotto. Although Sheikh Sam’oon was never seen again but yet, he lives in the minds, songs, and stories of the people to this day.

Photo credits:
Oman Al Adawi 

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