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Wekan Village

Large numbers of tourists visited the village about three thousand meters above sea level, located in the high mountains of the South Al Batinah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman; It is the village of Wekan. What distinguishes it to be attractive to visitors despite the difficulty of reaching it is the beauty of its nature. Due to its high and relatively calm area, it includes a type of tree that rarely grows in other areas. These crops are distinguished by their taste and quality because they are grown without chemical additives, as the people use organic materials in their cultivation. The village is famous for cultivating fruitful trees such as apricot, grape, and pomegranate trees. The village of Wekan has archaeological signs, and many agricultural terraces are spread along the valley that extends from the village borders to the high slopes of the mountains. The visitor begins using the 700-step road to the top when ascending to the village. The road is safe and fenced, and the visitor will enjoy attractive views during his ascent. There is also a service center and a resting place overlooking the village. So the whole town can be viewed through the viewing towers, and the visitor will be amazed at the beauty of the slopes, palm trees, apricots, and flowing streams. Because the village is about two thousand meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains, the sun rises there at around 11 am and sets at 2 pm.

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