Oman in their Eyes

Knowledge is Key to Break Barriers

My name is Viki Munksgaard, I’m an artist and illustrator from Denmark. I Lived in Muscat for 4 years. 

I had no idea, that Oman even existed before I went there as an expat. My first impression was; “this is nothing like I expected!!!” The heat was massive (I arrived in April).
Today I know it was nothing, but for a Scandinavian, it felt like landing on the sun.
Though I was flooded with colors and beauty of this strange new country; I couldn’t wait to discover more about it.

What inspired me the most, was the incredible people I met, during my stay. From Oman and from all over the world. Especially from the art scene. I gained so much understanding of Islamic culture. It opened my heart and mind. Knowledge is the way to break down barriers between people. Knowledge and tolerance in Oman gave me both with open arms and kindness.
You need to go there in order to really know about it and see it for yourself, what a stunningly beautiful country this is. It is a beating heart of a heritage, music, culture, nature and great people. Enjoy!!

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