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I'm Jabee Jose, I’m a Graphic Designer, Photographer and an Artist.
It all started when my sister was hired from my home country the Philippines to one of Oman's biggest Cable manufacturing company in 2008.

Despite being part of the GCC and the Philippines sending overseas workers all over the Area, Oman was not yet a very popular destination back then so we didn’t know much about it. We actually thought that Amman, which is in Jordan, is the same place.
My sister arrived in Muscat, December 2008. Alone in a country where the culture is different from her own country, my sister, after a few months started feeling “home-sick” so she decided to invite me over for a visit in mid-2009.

The two of us started discovering more of Oman together. Through the people, we got to work with and acquaintances, we learned more about the culture of this magnificent country, the amazing places, the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet and the peacefulness of living in this gem of a country in the Mideast.

Since I was not familiar with the country, it was like venturing into a new place not knowing exactly what I’ll see and will experience. 

But the moment I stepped out of the airport doors, there was this feeling of belongingness and delight that even myself that time cannot explain, it’s like the feeling of coming home from another home.

Now that I think about it, that feeling from when I set foot in this country is and it’s people’s friendliness and warmth radiates all throughout the country that whoever comes and stay will feel easily at home.

Oman, the country itself is an inspiration. I’ve seen and learned how the country, headed by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has improved over the years through its history and as I’ve experienced myself in my 9 years of staying here. Slowly but wisely, the country’s becoming known all over the world as it improves through infrastructures, technology while maintaining its culture and traditions.
I want the world to know that Oman is the place that proves everything you hear in the media about Arabs and the Middle East countries were wrong.
Oman is a beautiful and amazing country. People are the nicest. Life is simple and peaceful. Staying here for 9 years now, it's my second home away from home.

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